TELEPATH Communications is a Richmond, Virginia Voice Over IP service provider. We provide consulting, sales, installation and ongoing support to our clients. 
Our business model is built on honesty and integrity while we embrace change in a disruptive technology world. Our competitors are mostly “re-sellers” of larger carriers who often provide one size fits all mindset with overpriced and outdated equipment.

TELEPATH Communications will customize and develop phone solutions unique to the goals of each of our clients.

At TELEPATH Communications, we are your carrier, which means TELEPATH Communications is your provider and servicing support. We take ownership of our clients and strive to develop lasting relationships.

traditional features

Every TELEPATH Communications Voice Over IP system comes with so many features, you’ll be amazed! 

Call Forwarding
3-Way Caller Conference

CALLING features

Advanced Calling Features that are also included…

“Follow Me”: Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence.

Call Parking: Park your calls so others can pick them up

Set Caller ID: Chose any number in your system to be the outbound Caller ID

Block Caller ID: Block your Caller ID on outbound calls

Dial-by-name Directory: Make your employees and departments easy to get to

Visual Waiting Indicator: Works with your IP phone’s message indicator light.

Call Switch: Seamlessly transfer your calls to a cell phone to take a conversation on-the-go.

Enhanced 911 Feature: Transmits your location to Emergency Services when you call 911.

Softphone Support: Compatible with many popular softphones.

voicemail features

Advanced Voicemail Features that are also included…

Voicemail to Email: Your messages are emailed to you

Voicemail Alert: Get a text alert when someone leaves you a message

Remote Access: Lets you check your voicemail through web interface.

Multiple Mail folders: Provides the ability to organize and save old voice mails.

Unified Inbox: Access and manage all messages (voice, fax and email) from your existing email inbox.

Schedules: Automatically go into after-hours message

Holiday: Set a unique holiday message for callers

Day and Night Mode Schedule: Create different greetings according to time of day and day of week.